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tv   Today in Iowa at 6  NBC  October 19, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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buyer's remorse... experts say scammers are targeting home buyers and renters... what consumers should look out for online... major merger... two local fire departments are considering joining efforts... the reasons behind the move... and how residents can weigh in on it. wake up call... flames broke out at a norwalk home overnight... how officials say the fire started.... and the damage it caused... it's monday, october 19th.
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first on thirteen... a norwalk family didn't get much sleep overnight... their home caught fire... and it took crews from two cities to put it out. flames broke out at 38-17 blue
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when firefighters arrived... flames were shooting from the deck. officials say the fire started on a grill... and quickly spread. it caused extensive damage to the deck... and smoke damage to the home. everyone inside at the time got out safely. crews from both norwalk and west des moines responded to the scene. dinner was cut short for customers at a newton restaurant last night... we eat at panda garden quite a bit. so i know people are going to be concerned when it will be reopened. a fire broke out in the kitchen of "panda garden" around six p-m. officials say it likely started on the stove...then spread to the ceiling... causing extensive damage. nearby businesses also suffered smoke damage... officials say that may be due to the age of the buildings... these buildings are quite old. they've been remodeled several times. so
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that could have some impact on how it spread. no one was hurt. the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation. a major merger is in the works for the clive and windsor heights fire departments... and residents can weigh in on the matter tonight. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us live with how it could benefit both communities... the city of clive is hosting a public meeting and presentation to invite feedback from clive residents and businesses on the proposed fire/ems merger. the meeting to provide the public with more information and gather input will be held on monday, october 19 from 5:30 pm. - 7:00 p.m. at the dymond public safety center, 8505 harbach blvd. following the
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a teenage driver is shaken up after crashing his vehicle into a waterloo church... it happened at the "new beginnings church"... around 3-30 yesterday afternoon. witnesses told police they saw the s-u-v jump the curb... then strike the building. that's when the driver and his passengers panicked... the guy who was driving ran, and the other three ran that way. police don't believe speed or alcohol contributed to the
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the driver has been cited for leaving the scene. realtors say home buyers and renters are the target of a new scam... here's how it works... scammers post about homes on websites like craigslist... listing them for significantly less than what they're worth. then... they ask interested renters or buyers to wire or send a cashiers check to an address out of the state. realtors say people should pay close attention to offers that seem too good to be true... people just have to be cautious when dealing with these things, its better to take a little more time and fact check then lose out on your money realtors also warn about online listings with few pictures or little information about the property. the university of iowa's footprint could soon increase significantly... the "iowa board of regents" will vote to finalize the gifting of a-i-b to
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the university on wednesday. it's expected the board will finalize details for the property's transition. the terms require the names of a-i-b's honrary buildings to be kept the same... but assessments show the university will need to modernize fire safety in some of them. the date of the full transition is scheduled for july first. tonight kids can go to college to explore their future career options... d-macc's ankeny campus is hosting its second annual stem festival. that's science, technology, engineering, and math. industry professionals will be on hand to talk about their jobs... there will also be hands on demonstrations... and interactive learning activies. the event is for third through eights graders... it runs from six to eight in the "f-f-a enrichment center atrium." thousands of runners made their way through downtown des moines over the weekend... the "i-m-t des moines
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marathon"... "half marathon"... and "bankers trust marathon relay" took place yesterday. more than eight thousand people participated this year. the routes started and finished
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if you think storm damage is the only cost of climate change, think again.
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to higher insurance rates for homes and businesses, the economic damage will only get worse. but with american-made clean energy, we can save money on electricity and spur innovation to create new businesses and jobs. it all starts with 50% clean energy by 2030.
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a restaurant in australia hatches an idea for their
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twitter account... it involves a chicken... a keyboard... and a whole lot of patience. and it's a once in a lifetime chance... to sleep among skulls and bones in france. we'll have all of that... and
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welcome back. if you were living under a rock over the weekend... we're about to bring you up to speed. that's right... we've got you covered with content for those water cooler conversations. here's what's trending... this texas woman lets her love of politics go to her head. she got hillary clinton's face shaved into her hair. it was ahead of clinton's campaign stop there last week. the hairstyle even got the presidential candidate's attention... she posed for a picture with the
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a couple in france wants to name their son "prince william." but a judge told the parents "no"... saying the name would lead to a life of mockery for the boy. they then tried for their second choice... "mini cooper." that was also rejected. there's actually a law protecting kids from ridiculous names in the country. last year... the name "nutella" was turned down. of wheels was a little tykes car. now a british mechanic has made a grown up version. for those of us feeling a little is up for sale on ebay. it has about five thousand miles on it... and it can go up to 70 miles per hour. right now it's
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thousand dollars. it's for one night only... and on halloween no less. two brave people can win the chance to sleep within the skull lined tunnels of the paris catacombs. it's the offer from home rental website "air b and b"... inside what's known as the "world's largest grave." the overnight suite comes outfitted with a bed, dining table, and the most haunting decor. tweeting is hard... constantly pecking at the keyboard... waiting for ideas to hatch. that's why australian restaurant "chicken treat" may be genius... its letting a chicken run their twitter account. the company says its going for a "guinness world record"... betty has to type a proper five letter english word. the closest she's come so far is the
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when i found out on monday that the wedding would not be taking place, it just seemed like, of course this would be something that we would do to give back. a california family found a way to turn heartache into something beautiful. last week... the would be groom got cold feet and called off the wedding. rather than cancel the reception... the bride's family invited sacramento's homeless for a meal at one of the city's finest hotels. nearly one
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her plan would limit the out-of-pocket costs that consumers have to pay. clinton: nobody in america should have to choose between buying the medicine they need and paying their rent. i'm hillary clinton,
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presidential politics... republican presidential candidates are exchanging insults over the 9-11 attack... why donald trump says it wouldn't have happened if he had been president... and why it has some in the party questioning him. scary situation... a zombie themed event in florida turns deadly over the weekend... what police say happened... and how witnesses describe the scene... wake up call... flames broke out at a norwalk home overnight... how officials say the fire started.... and the damage it caused... it's monday, october 19th.
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first on thirteen... a fire
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their beds overnight... and it took crews from two cities to douse the flames. firefighters arrived at 38-17 blue stem road around one a-m. by that time... they say flames were shooting from the deck.
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officials say the fire started on a grill... and quickly spread. it caused extensive damage to the deck... and smoke damage to the home. everyone inside at the time got out safely. crews from both norwalk and west des moines responded to the scene. two local fire departments could soon join forces to battle fires... the clive and windsor heights departments are considering a merger. channel 13's josh nguyen joins us now with how residents can weigh in on the matter... the city of clive is hosting a public meeting and presentation to invite feedback from clive residents and businesses on the proposed fire/ems merger. the meeting to provide
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gather input will be held on monday, october 19 from 5:30 pm. - 7:00 p.m. at the dymond public safety center, 8505 harbach blvd. following the
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a pleasant hill daycare provider accused of child abuse will stand trial today. christina williamson is facing child endangerment, willful injury, and child neglect charges. police arrested her back in may. they say video from a hidden camera showed her abusing three kids. the bench trial is set to begin this morning in polk county. jury deliberations will resume in the trial of pete polson today. he's charged with shooting at three people... and hitting two of them... in a pleasant hill neighborhood last november. polson claims he was using drugs at the time... preventing him from knowing right and wrong. jurors were handed the case late friday and only deliberated for a half hour... before going home for the weekend. one person is recovering this morning after a shooting in davenport. it happened just after six last night... near the intersection of 13th street and eastern avenue. police say the suspects fled the scene and one person was rushed
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no word on the victim's condition... or any arrests in the case... at this time. a zombie themed event in florida turned even scarier over the weekend... i just heard about 5, 6 shots. when i looked, i saw the guy fall down. and then i stayed right there and then his brother started jumping on top of him crying and crying and screaming and stuff like that police say someone opened fire at "zombicon" in fort meyers saturday night. one person was killed... and five others injured. the suspect remains at large this morning. the annual festival draws more than 20 thousand fans each year. according to donald trump... the 9-11 attacks would not have happened if he had been president. the republican candidate is speaking out on comments linking former president george h-w bush with the terrorist attacks.
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presidential candidate: "we lost 3000 people. it was one of the greatest, if not the greatest catastrophes in this country."republican presidential candidates donald trump and jeb bush continue to take jabs at each other... following trump's comments on friday that implied former president george w. bush shared some blame in the 9-11 attacks. except for social media, trump has been silent on the matter... until sunday. he told fox news, the attacks wouldn't have happened on his watch... presidential candidate: "i am extremely, extremely tough on illegal immigration. i'm extremely tough on people coming into this country. i believe that if i were running things, i doubt those families, i doubt those people would have been in the country." presidential candidate: "i'm not blaming george bush, but i don't want jeb bush to say, "my brother kept us safe." jeb bush defended his brother on c-n-n's "state of the union": presidential candidate: "he united our country; he organized our country, and he kept us safe. there's no denying that. the great majority of americans believe that. i don't know why he keeps bringing it up." presidential candidate: "it calls into question mr. trump's credibility as a commander-in-chief and architect of the next foreign policy."bush went on to say he doesn't think trump will win the g-o-p nomination...
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a viewpoint shared by other prominent republicans... 2012 nominee: "i would vote for the nominee of the republican party, and i don't believe that's going to be donald trump."but not by trump, himself. presidential candidate: "look, i'm leading in everything."i'm melisa raney, reporting. trump will return to iowa on wednesday... for a rally at the "memorial auditorium" in burlington. will he or won't he? joe biden has not yet made the decision if he will run for president... but it's looking likely. the vice president was in talks with some big stake holders over the weekend. biden reportedly reached out to democratic strategists about how to launch his 20-16 campaign. sources say he also spoke to leaders with the "international association of fire fighters" for backing. last week... the new york times reported the i-a-f-f abandoned
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plans to endorse hillary clinton. a popular actor assumed the role of a white house hopeful over the weekend... "curb your enthusiasm" actor larry david portrayed bernie sanders on saturday night live. the show poked fun at the recent c-n-n democratic presidential debate. and david looked so much like sanders... that even sanders himself was impressed... in terms of larry david, i think we we can put him on a stage in my next rally, let him do it rather than me. he does it better than i do sanders made the comment at a campaign stop in iowa city. this morning he heads to oskaloosa... for a meeting at william penn university. from the small screen... to the big screen. a spooky comedy took the top spot in the box office this weekend. jeff black's flick "goosebumps" is estimated to have raked in at least 23 and a half million dollars in its opening weekend. matt damon's sci-fi drama "the martian" dropped to the number
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with about 21 and a half million in ticket sales. the cold war thriller "bridge of spies" with tom hanks is estimated
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10/19/15 - mobile speed camera
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4000 block of 6th av s/b 2300
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a norwalk family is cleaning up after their deck caught fire overnight. it happened around on a-m... at 38-17 blue stem road. officials say the fire started on the grill... and quickly spread. it caused extensive damage to the deck... and smoke damage to the home. everyone inside got out safely. crews from both norwalk and west des moines responded to the scene. dry and windy conditions are prompting burn bans across iowa... scott county is one of more than a dozen counties with a ban in place. in addition... most of the state is under a red flag warning... meaning outdoor burning is not recommended. experts say it's important to take the warning seriously... even if you feel like you have the fire under
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that brush pile sends off sparks, it send off embers as it's burning, and those embers can travel many feet. maybe across a road, maybe across a creek, maybe across the river and land in a dry field, and if the wind is up, and it's dry enough, those embers will catch that field on fire. if you want to burn during a burn ban... officials say it needs to be approved by a fire chief in your district. the flakes are already falling in new york... lake effect snow fell steadily along lake ontario... with nearly six inches on the ground in some spots. yesterday started out with wind chills in the 20's... and a hard freeze is expected this morning. icy roads and bridges were a problem... with numerous accidents
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iowa is moving up in the rankings after a win over northwestern... next man in akrum wadley rushed for 204 yards and four touchdowns on saturday. it's the first time the hawkeyes have had back to back 200 yard games from different running backs. final score... 40 to 10. iowa is now number 12 in the "a-p top 25"... up five spots since last week. the team would have to lose twice to not make the big ten championship game later this year. the hawks now enter a bye week... before hosting maryland on halloween. iowa state isn't so lucky... they're up against number two baylor this
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weekend. it comes after the team's late loss against the horned frogs on saturday. it started off well for the cyclones... they lead 21 to 14 in the first 15 minutes. but texas christian pulled away in the second half... eventually winning over iowa state... 45 to 21. it's the shot... or shots... of a lifetime... and it all took place in the quad cities. "augustana college" hosted an event over the weekend to get fans excited for basketball season. it ended with a shooting contest for fans. freshman james manuel was randomly picked to shoot a lay up... a free throw... a three pointer... and a half court shot... all in one minute. and he did it! manuel says he was nervous... but prepared. it was absolutely amazing! i was talking to my friends earlier if i get my number picked or if you do, just pass it to me and i'll go up there manuel took home 500 dollars for
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good morning. good morning. breaking news. >> flight 2010, declaring an emergency. >> a southwest airlines flight from los angeles to san francisco forced to turn around and make an emergency landing after a passenger allegedly chokes the woman in front of him for reclining her seat. an investigation now under way. boiling point. the feud heats up between
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